New biometric ID Cards now in circulation

Prime Minister Robert Abela launches the new e-ID Cards

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The new Maltese identity card has entered circulation. The document includes biometric data in line with recommendations made by the European Commission.

The new ID also includes a number of new embedded security features, with one’s personal details safely captured on a polycarbonate card, which should make it extremely difficult to forge or tamper with.

The first batch of new IDs were issued to senior citizens in August, nfollowed by the 14+ category, and eventually to all Maltese citizens.

A gradual rollout will take place, as existing cards will continue to remain valid until their expiry date.

The new ID will only be issued on new applications and renewals. Applicants must go to Identity Malta’s office in Gattard House, fill in the necessary forms and capture biometric information.