New airport apron to be built

The Malta International Airport has issued a call for tenders as it seeks to invest in a new apron which will be able to handle up to 7 aircraft at a time.

The new apron, which is being dubbed Apron X, will be positioned between Apron 8 and Apron 9, and together with its supporting facilities is set to cover an area of approximately 100,000 square metres. The MIA highlighted that the project constitutes the largest investment in aerodrome infrastructure since it assumed management of the aerodrome in 1998.

Apron X’s aircraft parking area will be able to accommodate up to seven additional narrow-body aircraft or 3 wide-body aircraft, and MIA said that the enhanced parking capacity would contribute to a smoother operation at the airport in the medium to long term.

The Apron X project will also involve the construction of a new taxiway to improve accessibility to the new apron, and the development of a staging area housing facilities for ground handling equipment.

Tender applications are to be accepted by the company until 12 February, 2021.