New advanced Maltese passports coming end of 2019


The Maltese population will start seeing new technologically advanced passports from the end of the year, Julia Farrugia Portelli, Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms, Citizenship and Simplification of Administrative Procedures, has said.

The new passports are understood to include advanced technologies and security features preventing them from being counterfeited.

Along with maintaining the biometric features of the current generation, the new passport will be printed on a special kind of paper which includes a number of security features and encryption technologies, ‘using UV and visible fibres, high quality cylinder mould watermarks and security thread.’

The document is also understood to contain a number of inked images of Maltese landmarks depicting Malta’s cultural heritage.

Farrugia Portelli was accompanied by officials from Identity Malta on a visit Portals De La Rue Paper Mill in Bathford UK, to witness the production of the paper.

Praising the importance of the event, the Parliamentary Secretary said, ‘The Maltese people are very keen on travelling and are fond of culture and heritage too; three elements that will be captured in the new Maltese passport, which will gradually make its way later this year,’