New accusation for Azzopardi’s girlfriend

Jordan Azzopardi’s girlfriend is facing new accusations after she allegedly paid a potential witness to testify in the false. The compilation of evidence against the alleged drug dealer and his girlfriend, whose name cannot be divulged as per Court orders, continued on Tuesday. Inspector Mark Anthony Mercieca told the Court that following the fresh accusations against the mother-of-five in the previous sitting, investigations have led to a new accusation for the woman, that of threatening a witness, to which the woman pleaded not guilty.

Jordan Azzopardi and his girlfriend communicated twice over the phone since he had been arrested. During the first communication of the 6th of June, they mentioned the need to contact a person. The next day (7th June) the woman informed Azzopardi that the person was contacted. The Police then arrested another individual that had to act as an in between with the person mentioned on the phone, who was supposed to testify during the compilation of evidence.

Three questions

Allegedly, Azzopardi’s girlfriend wrote three potential questions for the witness on a piece of paper, which were read out in Court by the Inspector on Tuesday:

  • “Do you have WhatsApp so that we can communicate more securely?”
  • “How much did you spend at Tal-Pietà?
  • “Will you not testify if I give you €10,000?”

The woman seems to have been referring to a property in the locality which was raided by the Police before Azzopardi was arrested. The same witness also testified against the couple on the 13th of June because he said that he has had enough of the threats that he had been receiving.

Azzopardi ruins Air BnB plans

The Court also heard further evidence on the alleged drugs trafficking operation from a young man that was arrested during a raid in a farmhouse in Marsa that is currently in jail. He explained how he planned to convert a property in Tal-Pietà which belonged to his grandmother into a BnB. His business partner was the witness that Azzopardi’s girlfriend had tried to bribe. The plan was disrupted when Azzopardi came into the picture, with the result that they all ended up arrested.

During his testimony the man insisted that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He said that he was approached by Azzopardi a week before he got arrested, as Azzopardi wanted to rent a home for a “homeless” person. They agreed on a rent of €700 a month and asked his aunt to collect the money from Azzopardi. He insisted that he had no idea of what was going on in the residence.

During her testimony, the aunt explained that her nephew had called his aunt from prison asking her to meet someone who will give her the rent due. She explained that she met with a person three times in Gżira who was sometimes accompanied by a woman. She recognised Azzopardi as the person who gave her the rent money but could not recognise the woman as it was dark. The payments that were received once consisted of €150, €100 and €40. Following the raid in Tal-Pietà, the money stopped.

Compilation of evidence will continue next month.