Need for more spot checks at workplaces – Abela

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

More spot checks are needed at workplaces, Minister Carmelo Abela said on Tuesday during an interview hosted by MaltaToday journalist Kurt Sansone. The activity was organised by the ministry to mark Labour Day.

During the interview, Abela said that the Department of Industrial Relations requires more human resources especially when it came to inspections and enforcement. He remarked that it was not sufficient to register complaints and have them investigated, but the department should carry out spot checks to ensure that companies were upholding employment law and respecting workers’ rights.

Abela who is responsible of industrial relations, also warned workers employed in establishments which have reopened on Monday that they could not choose to stay home.

He insisted that once the establishments opened, the employees did not have a stay at home option except for very particular circumstances in reference to those individuals which are deemed vulnerable by the health authorities and who have been ordered to stay home.

The minister said that abuse perpetrated either by employers or employees would not be tolerated during this time.

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