Nearly half of self-employed have low level of education – NSO

Almost half of the self-employed people in Malta have a low level of education according to new statistics published by the National Statistics Office. This amounts to 49.6% of the total self-employed in Malta. Meanwhile 27.9% are said to have a medium level of education, and 22.5% a high education level.

When one looks at the average age of these workers, it is 42 years for women and 45 years for men.

More than 33,000 self-employed in Malta

A total of 33,648 people were registered as self-employed during 2017.

22,814 person did not have any employees, with 44.1% of them saying that the reason is the industry conditions, such as not having enough work to employ anyone else. On the other hand, 23% were considering employing someone in the future.

The study also showed that those who work on a full-time basis worked 46.4 hours a week, while part-timers worked 24.4 hours.

The majority of these workers are in the service and sales industry, at 26.7%. People working in Craft and Trade make up 22.5%, while 14.6% are Managers.

More than 80% of these workers have more than 9 clients last year, seemingly none larger clients than others.

Why choose to be self-employed?

The statistics also explain why people choose to be self-employed. 11,209 said that they decided to work alone when they received an opportunity they could not refuse. 6,632 people said that it was normal in their industry to be self-employed. While 6,566 also said that they carried on working in family businesses.

The majority of these people, meaning 83.6%, said that they are not thinking of changing their careers.

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