Nautical licence exams to be held at TM’s offices

Photo by : Usplash

Exams for the Nautical Licence will be held at Transport Malta’s offices. This will be implemented with immediate effect as announced by Transport Malta on Tuesday.

Transport Malta will assume the role of the Examination Centre and will be managing all the administrative procedures and MCAST will no longer be accepting such applications. 

Training Centres or individuals are to submit their Nautical Licence examination applications to the Ports Commercial Department at the Transport Malta Lija Offices.

Also, the Ports Commercial Department will now be also responsible for the administration of the Nautical Licence examination including coordinating the examination sessions, setting timetables and venues. The main venue for examinations will be the TM Head Office at Lija.

The Appointed TM Examiners, the conduct of examinations and the application fee will remain the same.

Transport Malta said that this is an initiative to reduce the administrative burden on clients.

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