National emergency response and planning frameworks being finalised – Home Affairs Minister

DOI / Anthony Sultana

Essential national emergency response and planning frameworks are in progress, Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia said while addressing the Richmond Foundation Annual Conference.

DOI / Anthony Sultana

The Home Affairs Minister presided over the conference titled ‘Dealing with Trauma’, which sought to address public policy development by highlighting the wide-spread incidence of trauma, particularly national emergency services.

“Table-top exercises are being run on several major incident scenarios, and gaps in capability will be identified and submitted to the Cabinet,” Farrugia said.

He noted that further research is required in the field and said that the government is committed to capacity building within Malta’s national emergency response and security agencies.

Various stakeholders, including the director of the Civil Protection Department Emanuel Psaila and Inspector Charlot Casha within the Police Forensic Science Laboratory, were present.