NARC game studios plan to add 150 jobs

DOI - Reuben Piscopo

Malta-based videogame developers NARC have marked their fourth anniversary with the inauguration of new, larger headquarters, and are pledging to employ 150 new people over the next three years.

The game studio was founded on 1 February, 2016 by Icelandic game designer Toti Beck, best known for designing the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game EVE Online, and is comprised of a group of veterans with an extensive track record. It is currently engaged in the development of its own MMO.

“We are here to build a powerhouse, to push the envelope and shift paradigms. And Malta has proven to be just the right base for the task. Malta possesses a range of qualities very well suited for an internet-based video game companies like ours: robust and modern technical infrastructure, liberal regulatory framework, affordable housing and relatively low cost of living – and a fair tax system,” Beck maintained during the inauguration.

“A huge factor in our choosing Malta was the reception we got from the Maltese Government – from our very first scouting mission, until this day, we have received invaluable advice and assistance, especially from Malta Enterprise and Gaming Malta. The entire games industry has been incredibly welcoming; we have found no competitors in Malta, only friends and allies. We are grateful and we are here to stay.”

The offices were inaugurated by Economy Minister Silvio Schembri and Parliamentary Secretary Clayton Bartolo, and the minister said that he was proud to form part of a government which was one of very few to endorse the videogame industry at a government level.

“Our message is hitting the high notes, especially with companies such as yours which are consistently choosing Malta as their headquarters. The video game family in Malta is set to grow to facilitate this goal we are wholly committed to provide the necessary tools to flourish in our vibrant ecosystem,” Schembri maintained.

Schembri thanked NARC for their efforts, stating that he “cannot but commend your futuristic outlook and plans to increase your workforce up to 150 in the next three years, the investment that amounts to €1.4 million in our economy during the past 2 years and most importantly for putting your trust in Malta.” He also commended Malta Enterprise and Gaming Malta for their support to NARC and other players in the digital games industry.