My Top 10 things that “never” happened in 2020

These are my Top 10 things that “never” happened in 2020

  1. People realizing that “social distance” actually means staying away from other people, should be applied with consistency, not sporadically, and is a serious matter,
  2. The correct use of disposable face masks, after four to six hours these are being disposed of as per instructions.
  3. Gozo’s farmhouses and accommodation facilities have been left totally empty for New Year’s Eve as responsibility, maturity and good reason during the pandemic prevail,
  4. Hunters & Bird Life’s activists make amends; a big picnic between the members of the two previously opposed factions held at Miżieb,
  5. Xarabank is reinstated on TVM with a new, entertaining, more liberal format; people in the audience can now actually throw things to each other without disciplinary consequences,
  6. After years of few mild ups and many catastrophic downs, Malta quits the Eurovision Song Contest for good,
  7. Coronavirus gets eradicated, world leaders, instead of pointing fingers at each other, unite their forces and vow to never again be unprepared to such a pandemic,
  8. Donald Trump admitting that he contested his first elections as a publicity stunt; never had it crossed his mind that voters would elect him, stating he is still today baffled by the folding of events,
  9. The Brits have a last-minute change of heart about Brexit, they will stay, after all, reckoning that the colonisation period is over; a small emblem of the EU is currently considered as a minor addition to the Union Jack,
  10. Global Climate Change is finally taken seriously; world leaders admit that it would be difficult to re-freeze all Artic once it melts down, like a melted ice-lolly forgotten in the trunk of a car, so they unanimously decide to act now and save the future of the world…