“My mother attended a stranger’s funeral because he had no one” – Mgr Galea-Curmi

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The Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi described how his mother once went to a person’s funeral as he had no-one else. Mgr Galea-Curmi was being interviewed by Colin Fitz and Massimiliana De Martino during the programme ‘Mid-Morning Mag’ aired on the radio station 103.

Following the recent news showing that four people are to be buried by government after no one claimed their bodies, the Auxiliary Bishop insisted that as the Director of Mater Dei’s Pathology Department said, their funeral will take place in the community they were a part of. He explained that everyone is invited to attend this mass.

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Mgr Galea-Curmi explained that it is not the first time that parish priests stumble upon a situation where a deceased person does not have any family. He stated that usually in these sorts of cases, the parish priest takes it upon himself to ensure that the deceased have an appropriate funeral.

He added that although many are those who attend a relative’s funeral, some attend funerals of people they do not know, simply because they do not have any one to care for them. The Auxiliary Bishop reminisced the time where his mother, who was very active in the community, attended a funeral of a person she did not know. When the Bishop asked her about him, she replied saying that she does not know him, but she is going to his funeral as he has no one.

“No one should ever feel abandoned in their life”

Mgr Galea-Curmi emphasised that every person in the community should be cherished, and that we should look for those people who are some way or another apart from society and feel alone. He added that this act can leave a positive effect by not allowing those persons to feel abandoned. The Auxiliary Bishop stated that it is important that one searches and strives to shelter anyone who is vulnerable.

He added that while these four persons are not the normal case where they are well known by the parish priest, their farewell will still be full of dignity.