MV Lifeline Captain will visit his mother

REUTERS/Darrin Zammit Lupi

The Captain of MV Lifeline, Claus-Peter Reisch is allowed to leave Malta. The permission was granted following his request to visit his mother in Germany who will turn 93 years old in the coming days.

During the short hearing on Wednesday morning, the Magistrate Joseph Mifsud read out the conditions against which Reisch will be allowed to leave. These included a confirmation under oath of the details in his request, which was done yesterday during the Magistrate’s visit on the ship. A presentation of his flight details with the court and presenting his tickets. A guarantee of €5000 to be deposited in Court. As well as returning his passport to court upon his return to Malta. Reisch will lose the money if he does not adhere to any of the conditions laid.

He is expected to be away from 16-29 July with a court hearing scheduled on the following date.

His request was strongly opposed by the Attorney General’s Office. In his reply Peter Grech said that on the contrary to what submitted in Reisch’s request, he stands accused with serious charges that have grave repercussions. Furthermore Reisch’s request to leave Malta was described as ‘frivolous and deeply suspicious’. He also said that Reisch does not have a real incentive to return to Malta and that there are still witnesses waiting to take the stand.

The Magistrate Joseph Mifsud also issued a decree on the press following a number of reports which appeared. Mifsud was visibly irritated at what was reported. He was particularly annoyed at an article which appeared on The Shift News was also attached to the decree and handed out to the press. He was also irritated by some comments which were given outside of the courtroom and were reported as facts and therefore as part of the proceedings in court. In his decree, Mifsud also pointed out that it is not true that the court turned down a request by the defense counsel to have the proceedings in English. There was never such a request by the defense counsel in court, and it was a man who identified himself as an Italian lawyer that had stood up and asked the court for the proceedings to be in English. Reisch has an interpreter appointed by the court and is interpreting from Maltese to German.

The Court called upon the press to report the hearings factually so that the public is not misled.