MUT tells teachers to ignore students’ food directives

The Malta Union of Teachers announced that it is registering an industrial complaint with the education and health authorities because teachers are being loaded with taking decisions which shouldn’t be within their remit. For example, whether or not children should be allowed to take cheesecakes and sausage rolls to school parties.

The MUT said that it is not fair that teachers are being fined between €100 to €2,500 if they do not comply with a legal notice regarding the consumption of food in schools. The Union said that “inspection work” where teachers check what food students are taking with them if not part of their job, and goes against the principles at the basis of education.

Thus, the MUT announced their industrial complaint calling for the following directives to be enforced for all grades of educators in all schools:

1) That teachers do not communicate in any way with health authorities, and ignore all communication received by them;

2) That no visits or inspections by allowed in schools are part of this legal notice;

3) That they do not participate in any initiative by the health authorities;

4) That they do no check students’ food consumption;

5) That they ignore, and not feel obliged to implement the list of food released by the directorate by circulars DLAPL268/2018 and DLAP364/2018;

6) And that if they receive a fine related to the legal notice, they should pass it on to the Education Ministry and inform the MUT.