MUT Survey: 78.9% of educators say their workload has increased

Many parents assume educators are at their disposal 24/7


78.9% of educators say that their workload has increased since the introduction of online teaching due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This information was published in a survey conducted by the Malta Union of Teachers, MUT between the last week of April and the first week of May. 692 educators participated in this survey aimed at analysing the effect of working from home and private engagements.

According to MUT, the survey also shows that 45.8% of the educators their effort to try and find a balance between work and their private life has been negatively affected.

83.5% said that they receive e-mails from students after working hours, during the weekend and holidays whilst 57.9% said that they receive such correspondence from parents. 63.9% reply to students outside work hours and 42.6% reply to parents outside work hours.

70.8% of the participants said that they receive e-mails from the school administration outside work hours. 19!% said that the administration asked for a reply when they were not working.

The MUT said that this continues to confirm that no distinction is being made between working hours and private life.

77.7% of the 692 participants said that the situation is having a psychological effect on them. The MUT explained that many educators are trying to use their laptop only during working hours and even allocate a specific room in their house from which they can work.

Many said that online classes can never replace teaching in a class especially when it comes to the young students. The educators also stated that to teach online more preparation is required which is leading to a build-up of stress. They also highlighted that many parents assume that educators are at their disposal 24/7.

The results of this survey have been published by MUT in the 1st edition of “Il-Ħsieb”. This publication will be issued twice a year to provide information related to the education sector and trade unionism.

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