MUT provides further instructions on state secondary schools’ Maths and Maltese examinations

Sebastian Kurz

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) gave further instructions on the Maltese and Maths exams after it alleged that the Ministry of Education is trying to buy examination papers from Church schools.

In a press release the MUT said that he Ministry of Education is trying to replicate what had happened during the half-yearly examinations where the students were given examination papers that had questions that were not part od the syllabus. The MUT added that the papers were copied from past papers that are not for the right level of education of the current students.

MUT has issued a directive which is valid from immediate effect to all it members around all Maltese and Gozitan schools to not provide examination papers to the Curia or the Ministry of Education.

The teachers’ union also said that it is in possession of a communication that the Curia sent to its schools, that reveals that the Ministry of Education is going through the Curia to acquire the church school examination papers to be used in state schools. The MUT added that this is a disservice to the students as there is a difference between the curriculums of church and state schools.

MUT insists that the government is trying to use church school teachers instead of providing a remedy to the situation that was created by its own inaction.

On Monday, the MUT made an official announcement that the state school students will not be sitting for their year-ending examinations in maths and Maltese. This decision was taken following a unanimous vote by effected members and a discussion with the MUT council. The reasoning behind such a vote and decision was that the Ministry of Education’s inaction on the fact that due to lack of teaching staff the understaffed Maths and Maltese departments around state secondary schools had a much heavier load than the maximum set.

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What did the Ministry say?

The Ministry of Education asked the MUT to reconsider its decision. This was confirmed in a press release that also explained that the MUT is giving the wrong impression when it says that the majority of the Maths and Maltese teachers in state secondary schools around Malta and Gozo are doing the maximum of 25 lessons per week. The Ministry added that it is not right that the MUT omitted to there was a reduction of a lesson for all teachers across the board thanks to a sectorial agreement.

“When we spoke out, the department wanted to take us to Court” – UPE

Union of Professional Educators (UPE) – Voice of the Workers said that the situation is worrying and added that when it tried to defend the Maths and Maltese teachers in September 2018, the Education Department reacted by threatening legal action against them. UPE later said that the Court ruled in their favour.

The union also stated that it is ready to meet EUPEducation Minister Evarist Bartolo to find a solution for the current problems.