MUT issues 12 directives to defend educators’ interests as schools reopen

Classroom school
Miguela Xuereb

The Malta Union of Teachers has issued 12 directives to its members with the stated aim of safeguarding their health and safety as well as their working conditions.

The union said that its directives sought to provide a clear direction to its members, but also emphasised that it was seeking to avoid any negative impact on students, particularly vulnerable. It said that there could be alternative solutions to reach out to such students without worsening the working conditions of “educators who are already giving their all as their employer demands.”

The MUT’s directives are the following:

  • Educators are to leave the room if someone refuses to wear a mask when they are obliged to do so. In the case of students, they may decide not to readmit them in class before a mask is worn.
  • Educators are to leave any classroom or room if it is not adequately kept clean.
  • When someone feels sick, no replacement is to take place before the class is cleaned in line with the guidelines of the health authorities.
  • Educators should refuse to enter a school if temperatures are not taken on entry, or if hand sanitisers or other resources are not available.
  • Educators are to leave any classroom or room where social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Educators who teach in a classroom are not to replicate their work online after school hours, including for students who stay away from class.
  • No lessons are to be recorded except for the Teleskola ones.
  • The livestreaming of lessons in which students attend should be refused.
  • LSEs are not to act as replacements for teachers.
  • Until discussions on the matter are concluded, LSEs are not to work online to support students who do not attend class.
  • Educators are not obliged to provide forecasts and schemes of work to parents.
  • While educators are expected to work if on quarantine, they should not be expected to do so if out on sick leave.