MUT confirms that Maltese and Maths exams will not take place

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Malta Union of Teachers has announced that the secondary schools’ Maltese and Mathematics end-of-year exams will not take place this year.

This came about, after a unanimous vote by the union members affected, and following discussions with the MUT Council.

The reason given for this action is that the workload of teachers of both these subjects is too high and, despite the MUT’s efforts to alleviate the load, the Ministry of Education was “dragging its feet” and had aggravated the situation had rather than improved it.

The MUT issued a statement to clarify the situation and said that this issue has been going on for a year. It also explained that during the summer, the Ministry continued to deny the situation and said that there was no shortage of teachers in any subject.

Because of this, last September, the MUT issued the directive to all teachers of Maltese and Mathematics. It was issued early in the school year in the hope of giving the Ministry ample time to find a solution. However, the union said that the Ministry did not take this seriously and even employed some other people to write the mid-yearly exam papers, with the consequence that the students were given exam papers different to those they usually sit for.

“Maltese and Maths teachers are dwindling”

In March, the union presented the Ministry with 17 proposals to address the lack of teachers and solve the situation. However, the MUT said that the Ministry still kept on increasing the workload of the current teachers, as well as grouping together children with different levels in the same class, which is making the teachers’ jobs even harder and adversely affecting the students’ educations.

The MUT said that situations such as these are leading to new teachers being discouraged and other teachers leaving to find another job that is less stressful.

“The Ministry sent a letter threatening to expose the case”

According to the MUT, instead of finding a solution within the time limit, the Ministry is putting pressure on the union during the last week before the exams are supposed to take place and it even sent a letter threatening to expose the case to the public.

The MUT said that will not be intimidated and will remain the only entity that leaps to the defence of educators. It stated that it is doing all it can to avoid a situation where students not only do not take their exams, but they end up without teachers, in other subjects, and in Primary school as well.