Music concert to encourage inclusion

Alessia Bonnici

Alessia Bonnici, a young pianist diagnosed with autism will be performing on stage during ‘Music Speaks’,  a concert held in Palazzo De La Salle in Valletta on the 16th of September 2018 at 17.30 together with local and foreign artists.

Being on the autistic spectrum, Alessia’s ability to communicate is limited; however, music is a platform through which she can express herself, apart from writing her daily routine on her blog.

The initiative behind this event is the coming together of established artists that have had an influence on Alessia’s life and her musical passion. The aim is to inspire and encourage authentic inclusion with a variety of genres ranging from classical to pop music.

The artists include Marcelle Zahra, a Maltese Pianist residing in London, Borja Gómez-Ferrer, a Spanish Tenor residing in London, Kriz Haze a Maltese musician from local band Bee Squeeze, British Composer residing in Malta, Jess Rymer and Tricia Dawn Williams, a Concert Pianist committed to contemporary.

For more information, kindly see the event.