Joseph Muscat was on the defensive – Giegold

Greens MEP Sven Giegold said that in his meeting with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat he had been used to meeting a confident man who would show that the criticism was unfounded. “This time it was different,” said Giegold. He added that Muscat was on the defensive and that he, Muscat, had been guilty of misjudgement about his Chief of Staff Keith Schembri.

On the turning away

Giegold said that Muscat could not answer convincingly as to why he was taking his time to leave his office immediately. Giegold said that the decision to stay on for four more weeks “puts Malta into difficulty and puts Europe into difficulty for who wants to shake hands at the Euro-summit with this Prime Minister? It harms the reputation of the European Council meeting” said Giegold. He added that healing in a heavily divided country cannot start when there is the suspicion that the Prime Minister is using this time to blur any evidence of corruption cases.