Muscat should only appear in the depot – Repubblika

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The organisation Repubblika has stated that where hospitals of Steward Health Care are concerned, the Ex-Prime Minister Joseph Muscat should only appear in a Police interrogation room.

During a news conference today, Repubblika stated its appeal to the state to reverse the privatisation of Karin Grech Hospital, St Luke’s Hospital as well as the Gozo General Hospital. It also requested the provision of all resources unto the police, so that they would be able to investigate and take measures against the people who plotted to rob the nation’s public money.

The organisation maintained that since Joseph Muscat has resigned due to corruption, he should not be involved in the efforts to make up for the damage that he has caused. Nonetheless, Repubblika further insisted that the Prime Minister Robert Abela should show that he is capable of taking the necessary measures to detoxify the country of the corruption.

The Steward failure should be viewed as a stepping stone

Repubblika maintained that the Steward failure should be viewed as a stepping stone, more specifically as an opportunity to cancel the regressive politics that privatised medical health care.

The organisation explained that Steward Health Care did not manage to make the profits that it expected to make and that it will be requesting more funds.

It remarked that the State should terminate the contract that it has with Steward so that a clean process is initiated anew, away from the institutionalised corruption of the preceding government.

It insisted that it is not acceptable that the public is still oblivious as to who owns the company Vitals Global Healthcare. This is the same company that originally bought the three hospitals but failed to accomplish its duty. These three hospitals were then passed onto Steward.

“Chris Fearne should resign

The organisation remarked that the Health Minister Chris Fearne had said the following about the agreement with Steward: “this is the deal”. Repubblika maintained that given that the agreement has failed, then Fearne should resign to allow other people to negotiate Steward’s termination of contract.

If Steward cannot keep its promises, it must return its concession from the Government – PD

In the meantime, the Democratic Party stated that since Steward is not managing to provide the timely and cost-efficient “world-class” care, then it must return the concession that the Government had allocated to it.