Muscat on bread, transport, migrants and new roads

Prime Minister and Partit Laburista leader Joseph Muscat said that the long-term transport management plan is that public transport will be free of charge.

Whilst addressing a gathering in front of the party’s media complex in Marsa he also said that most of the children attending church and independent schools are being provided with free transport which will help create in them a culture of collective transportation to move around.

Muscat also the increase in the price of bread is worrying and that the Government can only advice bakers to be careful with price increments as Malta is a free market. He also said that the “tax-rebate” cheques might help needy families carry this increase in their daily expense.

Joseph Muscat also referred to the migration issue and the fact that Malta is only offered solutions and not creating problems. He also highlighted the fact that everything is ready to welcome the 58 migrants plus one that have been picked up by the rescue vessel MV Aquarius before they get transferred to four EU states.

The Prime Minister finally referred to the radical change in the Maltese infrastructure and how 2019 will see a further 128 road repairs and further more in the coming years.