Muscat must go; Fearne most trusted leader – MaltaToday

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A survey conducted by MaltaToday and published Sunday showed that 43% of respondents agreed with the decision of Prime Minister Muscat to go. The 56.8% who disagreed are divided between those who wanted him to stay and those who wanted him to leave. Thus a majority want Muscat to leave either now or in January.

In the same survey, 60.6% of the respondents said that they have trust in Chris Fearne who launched his bid to become Partit Laburista’s next leader and Prime Minister. In the same survey the number of those who trusted Delia was 17.8%. Around 21% said that they trusted no one or didn’t know.

How did all candidates fare

MaltaToday carried out a survey last week in which 660 respondents opted to complete the survey. The newspaper asked which leader they trusted the most between Partit Nazzjonalista’s Adrian Delia and the four names being touted for leadership. Even when Dalli announced she was not running; her name was still mentioned to the respondents.

In direct contest with Fearne, Delia registered 17.8%. While against Abela, Dalli and Borg, Delia registered 21.5%, 17.3% and 22.6% respectively.

Fearne registered the highest trust in Gozo (69%), followed by the Southern Harbor (68.2%) and South-Eastern region (63.5%).

Of those who voted Partit Nazzjonalista during the snap general election of 2017, Delia registered a trust rating of 38.6% while 27.6% preferred Fearne.

Candidates contesting leadership

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced he would step down once a new Labour leader is chosen. Fearne was the first to announce that he will be running, followed by MP Robert Abela who announced his bid on Saturday afternoon.

PL MEP Miriam Dalli who was touted for leadership announced on Thursday that she would not contest. While Transport Minister Ian Borg said he will not contest for leadership however did not exclude the possibility of contesting deputy leadership if such post becomes available when asked by

Sources close to the Partit Laburista told that in fact Chris Fearne offered the post of Deputy Leader for Parliamentary Affairs to Borg. This brought a strong reaction from Robert Abela who, it is said, was offered the post of Deputy Leader for Party Affairs.