Muscat meets with Governor of Massachusetts

Ritratt: OPM

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat met with the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Charles Baker. They discussed amongst others the two large investments in Malta originating from firms headquartered in the state’s capital Boston.

During his visit to New York City to participate in the 73 session of the United Nations General Assembly, the Prime Minister had referred to the investment that Crane Currency and Steward Healthcare are doing in Malta.

Muscat also said that Crane Currency who has started its investment in Malta two years ago is offering hundreds of job opportunities for the Maltese. Charles Baker said that Malta is the largest commercial plant that Crane Currency has outside of the United States.

The Prime Minister also refered to Steward Healthcare that will incorporate three new hospitals and a medical campus on the Maltese islands and said that thanks to this the Maltese healthcare system will remain free of charge.

Joseph Muscat visits Steward Healthcare HQ and hospital

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat also visited the Steward Healthcare headquarters were he was shown the electronic system that they use to keep medical records by the company’s president Armin Ernst. Muscat also visited St. Elizabeth’s Medical Centre which is also under the Steward Healthcare umbrella.