“Muscat is not interested in the country’s wellbeing” – Delia


Partit Nazzjonalista and Opposition leader Adrian Delia said the Attorney General’s revelations are accusing the Minister of Justice of breaching the code of ethics when he acted as defence lawyer for the Prime Minister whilst he is holding the title of Minister.

Delia was giving his usual Sunday contribution on his party’s radio station said that the Minister of Justice was acting as the Prime Minister’s lawyer and the AG was acting as his legal consultant. He also said that the AG believe to be above both the prime minister and the leader of the Opposition when he forwarded a copy of the full Egrant report to Minister Own Bonnici without an formal request.

During the radio intervention, Delia also said that the Planning Authority is being led by Joseph Muscat’s invisible hand. He also said that Planning Authority Executive Chairman Johann Buttiġieġ said that the decision to hire to hire a private jet for Jacqueline Gili was not political even though its seems that she is the Prime Minister’s extension within the Planning Authority.

Continuing on Joseph Muscat, Delia said that the Prime Minister has no interest in the country’s wellbeing as he knows very well when he will step back from his role as leader of the nation.

Adrian Delia also menioned his shock at seeeing the Prime Minister throwing the blame on the free transport blunder on the parents. He stressed that the Government is not interested to sort things out but is instead covering the ugly truths.