Muscat is importing slavery – Delia

Credit: NetNews

Opposition and Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia stated that the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is importing slavery.

Whilst addressing his audience in a political activity in Nadur, Gozo, Delia was talking about the importation of foreign human resources and on how the PN had created economic sectors were foreign workers were employed and that these workers integrated so well in the Maltese community to also create and establish their own families within it. He added that the current situation where thousands of foreign workers are working 140 hours a week with a payment of €4.50 an hour is making it impossible for sustain themselves.

“Thousands of small businesses had to close shop”

Amongst other issues, Adrian Delia also touched on the on how Joseph Muscat has completely forgotten the small businesses. He said that thousands of small businesses have communicated with him they have to rely on their personal funds to sustain their enterprise as the dire situation does not allow for any profits.

“Eight cells are a life”

Adrian Delia said that Partit Nazzjonalista believes that life starts at conception and will never stop defending life and agree with the government who believes that eight cells are just eight cells.