Updated: Muscat insists Delia is in the wrong

The Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the Opposition Leader Adrian Delia is the one in an absurd and problematic position because he is not willing to use the same arguments he uses against others on himself.

In comments to the media, Muscat said that he will wait until the investigation is finished in order to take calculated decisions based on the conclusions. He also insisted that he was always consistent.

The Sunday Times of Malta reported that Delia’s involvement in a London prostitution ring is part of the anti-money laundering investigation which the Police are currently undertaking. In August 2017, Daphne Caruana Galizia had written that around £1 million coming from prostitution passed through Delia’s Barclay’s International bank account in Jersey.

Regarding 17 Black, Muscat said that the investigation is not about a person according to what the Attorney General told Justice Minister Owen Bonnici.

OccupyJustice calls for Delia to resign over FIAU investigation

#OccupyJustice has released a statement saying that, ‘The Leader of the Opposition must resign now.’

The activist group were responding to media reports that the Financial Intelligence and Analysis Unit proposed a criminal investigation into alleged money laundering connected with Adrian Delia, Leader of the Opposition.

The movement also lambasted the Prime Minister’s decision to defend Delia.

‘Which Prime Minister would not want the Leader of the Opposition of his country, suspected of money laundering, to step down?’, they said, going further with, ‘Anyone suspected of involvement in criminal activity has no place in a public position.’

#OccupyJustice conclude their latest statement by renewing calls for justice to be served, ‘once the Prime Minister resigns and takes with him his two sidekicks who are nothing but bandits stealing from the pockets of Maltese citizens and residents.’