Muscat for Spitzenkandidat? No way says EPP

The European Socialist party can propose whoever they want for Spitzenkandidat but if they think that Joseph Muscat should be their nomination they are mistaken. This was the strong and definitive answer Dara Murphy Vice President of the European People’s Party gave earlier today. put the question as, according to different sources, Muscat’s name was being mentioned by in several Socialist circles as their Spitzenkandidat or preferred candidate for the place of President of the European Commission at the end of the Juncker commission after next year’s election for the European Parliament. The same sources told that this would fit Muscat’s promise that he would not contest the next general elections in Malta.

EPP Vice President Dara Murphy told that are are very serious issues of rule of law and freedom of expression in Malta following the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia These issues are not being answered added Murphy. He said that any idea of Maltese Prime minister Joseph Muscat for the running of President of the European Commission is completely inappropriate before such issues are addressed.

Dara Murphy said that with Muscat’s refusal to appear again before parliament and his lack of accountability in addressing the issues of freedom of expression and rule of law, make that nomination completely inappropriate. He said that naturally the socialists can propose any name they deem fit but such a nomination would hardly be met with alacrity.