Muscat describes ECJ decision on trapping as ‘harsh’

Joseph Muscat

Prime Minister and leader of the Partit Laburista, in a recorded message on One Radio on Sunday, described the European court of Justice decision on birs trapping as ‘harsh and cannot be appealed’. He said that government will be tryng to find a solution which respects the law.

On immigration, Muscat said that this should not be relegated to a Twitter war but should be discussed with the aim of ensuring that the the immigrants are respected and helped. However he said that Malta had for years been agruing in favour of burden-sharing and now, finally, because the bigger countries are feeling the pinch, the subject is being moved up on the agenda.

The interconnector, said Muscat when referring to comments by Italian Home Affairs Minister Di Maio, is not the sole source of energy supply for Malta. He said that it is not the case that someone in Italy decides to turn off a switch.

Muscat then turned to the issue of IVF, saying that government had made good on an electoral promise and insisted that this was done to foster equality. He thanked the President for her role in promoting dialogue on this matter. He said that this is not a matter of ‘left’ or ‘right’ ideologies but a question of who wanted society to move on and who wanted  retrograde society.


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