Watch: “Opposition will not attend events involving PM” – Delia

Updated 03:46 PM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Following the announcement of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s resignation as of January 2020, Opposition leader Adrian Delia insisted that the country cannot go another day with Muscat as its leader. He also announced that the Opposition will no longer attend any event that involves the Prime Minister’s presence.

In a tweet, and later in a statement on Net Television, Delia said that Muscat should have resigned long ago. He insisted that with every day that Muscat remains in office, justice will remain something unachievable. Delia expressed that Muscat has lost all his credibility.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has just announced his resignation on national television. This confirms the article published earlier by confirming the resignation that comes into effect in January 2020. 

In an address on the Net Television, Delia expressed that justice has to happen and that the truth needs to be fully unveiled. This is the only way that Malta could regain its peace. He said that a lot of damage has been done to the country through the countless acts of corruption. Delia insisted that if action was taken immediately the “political assassination” wouldn’t have happened.

Delia insisted that Malta needs to start working towards re-building its reputation. He insisted that in his statement, Muscat has shown he has understood none of the concerns of the Maltese and Gozitans. The Opposition will keep on working towards securing that justice happens, and happens fully. He insisted that the Opposition no longer recognises Muscat’s credibility and as of tomorrow, the Opposition will not be present at any event that involves Muscat’s presence.

In his address, the Prime Minister insisted that Malta comes first. He said that the faith that the country has placed in him in the past years has motivated him to work even harder. He insisted that a Prime Minister shouldn’t cover more than two legislations. He said that in the coming days, the Government will be looking into finding a new leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister for the nation. He said that this is to be done by the 12th January of 2020. As soon as the new Labour Party leader is announced, Muscat will resign a few days after. He said that then a new Prime Minister can take the lead.

In the meantime, the President George Vella appealed to the public to remain calm following the resignation of the Prime Minister. He said that all those who hold institutional and administrative responsibilities hold themselves accountable. He went on to say that his hope is that justice would prevail.