MUMN issues industrial dispute over hospital staff food

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses (MUMN) has issued an industrial dispute with Mater Dei Hospital (MDH)management due to the poor quality and the poor presentation of the staff meals distributed by Corinthia Group in the hospital.

In a statement, MUMN stated that it will also be registering the dispute in the light that the management office is not providing meal allowance to staff members who have special dietary requirements, as “they are well aware that Corinthia Caterers fall short of providing any special meals for such staff.”

The Union added that several members of MUMN lamented on the lack of manners and foul attitude of the staff of the Corinthia Group who are distributing the staff meals in MDH.

It insisted that it is also not acceptable that those nurses who are working overtime are penalised by not being entitled for any food allowance let alone staff meals. This issue has been ongoing for several months.

 MUMN will be presenting photos and other information to the media on this issue.

 If Corinthia Group is not replaced, MUMN is expecting that an agreed meal allowance will be granted to all its members working in MDH, who have every right to declare that they will not be making use of the poor service and meals provided by Corinthia Group.

Directives will be issued to all MUMN members working in MDH without any further notice than this email, the Union concluded.