MUMN issues directives to Health workers in Gozo

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses registered an Industrial dispute with Steward Health Care in Gozo as in its view, the company did not abide by an agreement reached between the Health Department, Steward Health Care and the union.

As a result of this dispute, several directives will be issued in all wards in GGH which will affect the service of the whole hospital including that given at the Hotel Downtown where elderly patients are being nursed instead the elderly home of San Guzepp where the construction work has been halted for these last months. Through another directive, no nursing care on query cases on Covid cases will take place neither any services related to Covid will continue in Gozo General Hospital.

The Union, in a statement, said that it is not acceptable that Steward Health Care will be employing foreign nurses at the Gozo General Hospital (GGH) when there are Gozitan nurses, working in Malta who are waiting to be transferred to GGH.

In a statement, the MUMN said that it expects Steward Health Care to abide to the social aspect of the island of Gozo, and avoid the suffering of the Gozitan health care professionals, who have no choice but to come to work or study in Malta on a daily basis. 

The Union said that the decision by Steward Healthcare to employ foreign nurses to work at the Gozo General Healthcare is ‘an insult’ and above all shows great lack of respect not just to the nurses from Gozo but to all people who live in Gozo.

“It shows that Steward Health Care is just a cold-blooded organization which has still not adopted, nor is concerned of the families living in Gozo”.

The MUMN said that attempts to contact Steward Health Care to avoid this dispute were vain.

The MUMN also said that on Wednesday 17th June,  a protest will be held in front of Castille by all nurses who are waiting to be transferred to Gozo to ask the intervention of the Prime Minister in this matter.