MUMN issues directives to all its members

"PM undermining the success achieved by healthcare workers during COVID-19 crisis" - MUMN


The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses, MUMN said it is informed that the actions of the Prime Minister for allowing mass events is not in favour of the economy but in favour of ‘a few greedy businessmen that are fattening their pockets with money which is more important than the lives of the vulnerable people and the healthcare workers’.

In a statement issued on Thursday, MUMN said that it is unacceptable to allow mass events to take place accompanied by tourism from high-risk countries. What is even worst is that the Prime Minister did not stop mass gatherings when health care workers were put under quarantine, said the union.

In view of this situation the MUMN has been asked to take a stand by its members from across all the Health Services. Being the largest union in the health care sector, the pressures of the pandemic are felt mostly by its members, said MUMN.

MUMN said it will not allow further unnecessary sacrifices and discrimination towards its members and therefore it is requesting that;

  • All Sunday and feasts allowance will still be granted even when the Nurses and other Health Care Professionals are sent on quarantine leave
  • Meal allowances to be given to all Health Care Workers working in SVP, Elderly Homes & Commcare, MCH, GGH, KGH and SLH
  • 12 hours of VL to all Healthcare Workers who are working twelve-hour shifts
  • Employ all Third Country National Nurses through the current open call to address the shortage of nurses
  • Guarantee of child support that needs to be agreed with MUMN, if the closure of schools and child care takes place
  • Guarantee the cancellation of mass events such as imported parties where no social distancing cannot be maintained. MUMN has vulnerable Health Care Professionals, (not to mention vulnerable people in the society) which MUMN has the duty to protect

If the government fails to guarantee the above, MUMN will order the following directives across the whole Health Service in Malta and Gozo:

As from Monday 3rd August 2020, all Nurses working in SVP, MDH, GGH, KGH, Elderly Homes, SAMOC & MCH are;

  • Not to wash any patients
  • Not to ambulate patients to an armchair from a bed and vice versa
  • Not to accompany patients to X-rays, theatres, out-patients etc
  • The only forms to be filled by the nurses & midwives are the nursing report, treatment charts, output/input charting, blood glucose monitoring, TPR and Sp02 monitoring; No other forms are to be filled by nurses, physiotherapists, midwives etc

For the Physiotherapist working in SLH, GGH, SVP, MDH and KGH;

  • Physiotherapists working in SLH are not to see more than three patients face to face per day
  • Physiotherapists working in the wards of KGH and GGH are not to access new patients and are not to carry out home visits

To all ECG Technician working in all hospitals;

  • Not to take ECGs which are sent and ordered through the outpatients’ departments
  • Not to take any ECGs requested as a review between 5.00 a.m. and 7.00 a.m

MDH Theatre;

  • Only four theatres are to be used for emergency purposes only. All elective surgery is to be stopped or done without any nurses. All Nurses are to remain in theatre.

Primary Health Care Department;

  • No bloodletting
  • No plaster

In its statement, the MUMN said that the Prime Minister had been ignoring the interests of the nurses and the healthcare work force from the very beginning of the COVID-19 crisis.

MUMN explained how the Office of the Prime Minister even refused to meet MUMN even for an introductory meeting from the very start in his term of office. Contrary to the President of Malta and the Leader of the Opposition.