MUMN issues 10 directives for nurses working for Steward Health Care


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses (MUMN) have issued 10 directives to the nurses working under Steward Health Care. In a press release, the union said that these directives are being issued because their working conditions do not fall within the same parameters of fellow nurses employed in other public hospitals.

The MUMN also explained that Steward Health Care has adopted a defence management mechanism that renders the nurses also liable on issues that fall beyond their control.

Since the Steward Health Care management has failed to adopt the same practices as those in other public hospital, even though the union has allowed ample time for the rectification of the situation, MUMN feels “constrained” to issue ten directives that will be applicable from 7am of Friday the 24th of May.

What are these directives?

  1. For patient safety, all patients who have been ordered supervision for any reason such as during feeding, washing, or walking are not to be ambulated unless a carer (who is not part of the staff compliment) is added to the ward compliment;
  2. In absence of CN (clinical nurse) and DCN (deputy clinical nurse), the most senior staff nurse is NOT to take any patients allocation during that day;
  3. Staffing levels have to be five staff nurses and one nurse in charge in the morning whilst in the afternoon three staff nurses and one nurse in charge have to be present. During the night shift, three staff nurses have to be present. If this compliment is not reached, nurses are not to do any washing, change nappies, or ambulate/transfer patients. If VL is cancelled due to staffing levels, directives still come in force;
  4. Documentation: No care plans to be filled or signed. All documentation that is being written on daily evaluation sheets have to be stopped and such documentation has to be written only on nursing report (cardex);
  5. Vacation leave: First vacation leave nurse and first half day in every ward on a daily basis has to be approved automatically and will not need approval of the SNM office;
  6. Menus are not to be signed by staff nurse;
  7. Any forms issued by Steward Health Care regarding over of patients due to break times are not filled or signed;
  8. Nurses reporting sick are only to inform their respective wards and not security or any other entity;
  9. All overtime has to be confirmed within three days from booking. If such overtime is not confirmed, nurses can refuse overtime and can book overtime work at Mater Dei Hospital;
  10. The attendance sheets have to be on the same line as all the other government hospitals. All attendance sheets have to be in the wards. In case that such attendance sheets are not placed in the respective wards, nurses are only to sign the attendance with name and surname only. Punch clock number is not to be written.