MUMN and Ministry of Health in verbal tug of war

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health said they are planning meetings with the Union for Midwives and Nurses, the MUMN, to reach a collective agreement.

However, this morning the MUMN, said that from the beginning of the strike there has been no contact with the Government.

Why are nurses striking?

This dispute stemmed from the fact that nurses have not taken their public holiday leave which was promised to them. They were also not given the right for early retirement, nor a compromise was reached on the increase in their allowances.

After a press conference carried out by MUMN last October, after the Government did not meet with them for seven months, they begun discussions which led to an agreement.

However, according to the MUMN, the agreement left out three key points. These included the retirement of nurses, the increase in allowances and the grades withing the salary structure.