Multi-modal, clean transportation is the way for the future – Konrad Pulé

Konrad Pulé, General Manager for the Malta Public Transport(MPT) emphasised the need to go multimodal in our approach to transportation. Speaking at the webinar entitled ‘Are we planning how to live?’ Pulé added that if we really want to achieve a change in culture and behaviour when it comes to sustainable mobility, we need policies that make cleaner modes of transport much more attractive. He said that MPT is also testing an electric fleet.

Pulé said that half the GHGs come from transport and this aspect touches the life of every person. He said that Malta needs a change in policies and that the new policies need to be aimed at greening transportation systems and incentivising people to choose greener means of transport. Stressing the need for education in this area, Pulé said that once people realise that their consumption matters, they will look on the matter from a different perspective. He added that the MPT is modernising the fleet and adding equipment such as tablets which indicate to the driver, in real-time, the consumption and carbon footprint of the car. In that way, they can switch modes and adopt less polluting driving methods.