Msida fly-over proposal dubbed ‘outrageous’ by KTP president


The President of the Kamra tal-Periti, Andre Pizzuto has come out guns blazing against the proposal of flyovers in Msida. Describing it as “Outrageous”, Perit Pizzuto said that this project goes directly against good urban planning principles.

The strong reaction came following a post by Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg who said that the government had received seven tenders averaging a cost of €13.5 million. The tenders aim at completing a flyover design for the roadworks in Msida Creek intended also to remove the traffic lights in the area. Minister Borg said that the traffic lights are causing congestion and pollution and the project will help in what he described as the regeneration of the ‘heart’ of Msida through the creation of new recreational spots, overhead pedestrian crossings and ‘more’ which, he said will see improvement in the quality of life and make commuting more sustainable.

Perit Pizzuto, recently elected to his post, said that the project goes directly against good urban planning principles. He said that it was tendered out before the planning application has even started being processed and the EIA completed, “let alone being submitted for statutory public consultation”.

Among the comments received on Minister Borg’s post on Facebook, Zebbug councillor and environmental activist Steve Zammit Lupi asked: “How can the construction of flyovers in the centre of urban Msida ever equate to an improved sustainable quality of life? We’ve really lost the plot”. Others pointed out that the fly-over was going to impact heavily and negatively on the social housing blocks in the immediate vicinity. A substantial majority praised the minister for his tireless work.

Recently, Minister Borg has been subjected to considerable criticism over the take up of more arable land from Qormi to service the access to the Mriehel Business area as well as the ‘park’ in Siggiewi which contained no greenery.