MPs clash over ‘mini-budget’ debate

Government and Opposition MPs clashed in the House Business Committee this evening over next Wednesday’s Parliamentary debate on the “mini-budget” that the government will be announcing this evening.

As the House Business Committee met to agree on how the debate would play out, the two sides clashed after PN deputy leader David Agius asked for an official copy of a document outlining the government’s measures.

Government whip Glenn Bedingfield highlighted that there would be no vote at the end of the debate, since the measures would be formally voted on later in the year.

But Agius questioned the government’s apparent reluctance to present a motion outlining the government’s measures. Opposition whip Robert Cutajar added that since Prime Minister Robert Abela had often contracted Deputy PM Chris Fearne on the government’s measures, it would be appropriate to have an actual document or motion to discuss.

Fearne, however, simply said that the government took note of the request.

Speaker to consider naming hall for Caruana Galizia

During the meeting, Cutajar also brought up PN leader Adrian Delia’s proposal to name a hall within the Parliament Building after Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Though he pressed government MPs to back the call, they refused to do so, with Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis stating that their position was secondary to that of the Speaker.

Speaker Anġlu Farrugia said that he would be considering the proposal.