“MPs cannot remove a party leader” – Delia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Adrian Delia’s leadership did not even make it to the agenda nor was it discussed during the PN executive committee meeting which was held on Tuesday evening. It was Adrian Delia himself who gave this information to journalists outside PN headquarters after the end of the meeting.

“MPs cannot remove a party leader”- stated Delia

PN leader told journalists that the executive committee meeting was positive and that he felt there was a sense of consensus between the members of the executive committee and that he feels it led to a step in the right direction.

Voting in progress at the PN Executive Committee (Photo: Monique Agius)

Delia also said that the conclusion of this meeting had already been agreed upon and communicated by a press statement in which the PN has announced that Francis Zammit Dimech has been elected as interim Secretary-General until all the needed party reforms are implemented.

“At this stage, we do not need heroes. The party needs politicians who listen up to the needs and issues of the people,” said Delia. His comment was an obvious reference to the post on Facebook by MP Jason Azzopardi who uploaded a photo captioned ’17 Blue Heroes’ which included photos of all the MPs and the PN’s two MEPs who want him to step down.