MPA wants govt to address their current working conditions

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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The present situation in Malta and various issues on how to improve the working conditions of the members of the Malta Police Force were discussed during a meeting on Thursday between Prime Minister Robert Abela and the Malta Police Association (MPA).

Il-President Alexander Schembri flimkien mas-Segretarju Ezekuttiv Johann Mifsud illejla f'isem l-MPA kellhom laqgha…

Posted by Malta Police Association on Thursday, April 9, 2020

MPA President Alexander Schembri and the association’s Executive Secretary, Johann Mifsud, discussed the following issues:

  • An increase in salaries applicable to top ranks in the Police Force such as the Assistant Police Commissioner
  • Adjustment in pensions for police constables who left the corps after the sectoral agreement was signed
  • MPA wants the police pension to increase according to the standard of living
  • Government should create an incentive for police officers to remain part of the police force after they reach retirement age. Until June 2021 around 500 police officers will retire. The MPA is proposing that these police officers should be entitled to their pension and remain part of the force till they reach the age of 55
  • The MPA has also raised the question what will happen to police officers who will use up all their leave days to take care of their children in view of the coronavirus situation
  • Also, government employees and not only police officers who had to stop from working to take care of their children and ended up without a salary should be entitled to the Wage Supplement measure in the same way it applies to private sector employees.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Robert Abela said that these are all valid issues experience by the Malta Police Force and all of these issues will be discussed with Interior Minister Byron Camilleri in order to address them in the near future.