MPA launches proposals aimed at assisting Film and TV industry through and post COVID-19

The Malta Producers Association (MPA) has published a proposal document in which it laid down reforms, measures and recommendations in order to restore and restructure the local Film and TV industry. The document was presented to the Minister responsible for film, Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli.

In a statement issued on Friday, the association said that before the industry can begin to move forward, the critical and fundamental issues of governance that have plagued the Malta Film Commission have to be addressed appropriately.

“It is only once the foundations of the industry have been adequately fixed, that there can be meaningful and constructive progress” – said the MPA.

The necessary public health restrictions and confidence in many elements that affect the industry, such as travel and congregating in large groups, is likely to continue. For this reason, the Malta Producers Association has called on the need for consultation and the setting up of a think-tank to explore and discuss procedures, the adaptation of technologies and development of workplace protocols within the COVID-19 context and social-distancing parameters.

The proposal document also breaks down the various issues affecting the industry. It tackles areas of interest such as the financial incentives, funding strands and film production assets.

The paper also features income tax considerations, future-proofing and industry categorisation by Jobsplus.

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