MP urges member states to ratify gender violence convention

Photos: MEAE Helena Dalli

Maltese MP Helena Dalli, has called on Member States yet to ratify the Istanbul Convention, ‘to do so soon.’

Dalli was speaking as the EU Commission commended Malta for its work countering gender-based and domestic violence.

She explained that the Istanbul Convention signed in 2014 has been ‘adequately implemented’ into Malta’s strategy and action plan towards GBV and domestic violence.

Dalli emphasized that gender based violence has to be taken from an ‘intersectional perspective’ rather than one focused on homogenity.

However, ‘only through a clear vision and concrete action can we can tackle this scourge’, Dalli said.

The Istanbul Convention

During 2014 and Malta’s tenure of the EU presidency, the Istanbul Convention was created, urging member states to join in ratifying their commitment to the prevention and combating of violence against women.

The Maltese government instituted measures which included legislation which classified all forms of violence against women as violations of human rights.

The action plan against Gender Based Violence and domestic violence was launched in November 2017.

‘Breaking the Cycle of Violence Project’

The BCV project launched in January 2018 and it is a two and a half year project formed from the consultations of numerous partners, and is focused on breaking the cycle of violence against women.

According to Equality Minster says that the campaign is not a ‘one size fits all’ effort and instead approaches each case differently.

The project is supported by an EU fund of €350,000 which will take the project up to June 2020.

The purpose of the project is part focused on outreach and awareness with different groups in society to understand the causes behind why people remain in abusive relationships and to seek solutions.