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MP Claudette Buttigieg, who was illegally stopped by PBS from continuing to present her program “Sellili” on national television in 2012 called on the national station (PBS) to compensate her for the damages.  A Court of Appeal judgment  delivered last July confirmed a prior decision which had concluded that the decision to stop Buttigieg was null and void. PBS had taken the decision because Buttigieg had declared she would be running as a candidate in the general elections months before the actual date of the elections was decided.

In a judicial letter filed by her lawyer, Dr Tanya Sciberras Camilleri, last Wednesday, MP Claudette Buttigieg called upon PBS to pay compensation for the damages she suffered as a consequence of the illegal action taken in September 2012 when she was abruptly stopped from continuing to exercise her profession as broadcaster.


In 2012, former TV host and now sitting MP Claudette Buttigieg, had entered into an agreement with Ltd to host the magazine program ‘Sellili’ from October 2012 till June 2013.  On the 17th of September 2012, Buttigieg declared her intention to run for the 2013 general election on the Nationalist Party ticket. The following day she received an email from the Editorial Board of Public Broadcasting Services Limited stating that she could not continue to host her program since she had declared her candidature.

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