Moviment Graffitti urges public to object to Marsaxlokk ODZ development

Photo: Projects Malta

Moviment Graffitti has submitted its objection to the Planning Authority against the construction of a complex described by the NGO as massive in Marsaxlokk.

In a statement issued on Friday, the NGO appealed to the public to do the same and oppose to this development as it is being proposed on an outside development zone (ODZ). The Marsaxlokk Local Council has already opposed this project.

The project includes a hostel and an old people’s home as well as shops.

Moviment Graffitti said it is against this development as the area in question is ODZ and that a car park developed by Projects Malta on the area.

“It is now evident that the ODZ carpark by Projects Malta under Minister Konrad Mizzi was a sheer stepping stone for a veritable extension of commercial development in ODZ” stated Moviment Graffiti.

The NGO stated that the proposed development is the result of an abusive policy on the commercialisation of sports facilities which is now impinging on ODZ and therefore the development should be limited to the upgrading of the existing football ground.

Moviment Graffitti explained that it makes no sense to develop a new football ground on top of the existing car park and that the new ground will have stands and seating incompatible with rural characteristics of this area in Marsaxlokk which are facing a valley.

They have also emphasised that the sports club does not own the land but has been given by consent of the Lands Authority.

In this regard Moviment Graffitti is demanding for more transparency on how such consent is issued and that there should be some form of consultation with residents.