Moviment Graffitti objects to plans for M’Scala drive-in

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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

“Plans to build a drive-in cinema on agricultural land in Marsascala (PA/08833/20), outside the development zone are completely unjustifiable and should not be on the tables for consideration” declared Moviment Graffitti.

Development plans (PA/08833/20), for a drive-in cinema on a sizeable tract of land which is found in the out of development zone near St Thomas Bay in Marsascala have been submitted with the Planning Authority.

The application proposes the removal of soil from the land to make way for roughly 56 car spaces as well as an inflatable 16:8 metre screen, robbing Marsascala of some of its last precious remaining greenery, said the NGO.

Moviment Graffitti mentioned that the locality will suffer from to further environmental degradation, soil erosion and degradation, noise and light pollution, and pose a threat to the historic buildings in the area.

The application has also sparked concerns that if approved it would set a precedent and lead to further commercial development of virgin land in the area. If a development permit is issued, there is a real possibility that the area will be gobbled up by future developments.

Moviment Graffitti urges the Planning Authority to listen to the anger of the people and do its job properly.

The public can register any objections against the proposed development until 1 February.

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