Mount Carmel: PD makes recomendations

The Democratic Party (PD) published a list of actions the Government should take to solve the problems in Mount Carmel Hospital revealed in the National Audit Office (NAO).

The NAO report claims that mental health in Malta is being given secondary priority. Among the short comings, the report mentions a great lack of human resources, tension in the relationship between leaders and hospital employees, inadequate security arrangements, and that a comprehensive national strategy for mental health has not been implemented.

In a press release, the democratic Party asked the Ministers to join forces and find a solution.

What do the PD proposals say?

  1. Forensic unit should migrate to Corradino Correctional Facility. Standard guidelines should be set and Magistrates and juries should conform tothem.
  2. Drug Addiction Ward: the Police Commission’s 2016 report should be implemented immediately.
  3. Geatric Wards: patients deserve a separate area that conforms to residency standards.
  4. Adolescents Health: requests the segregation of cure and better management of patient cure. The ward for minors should be closed down.
  5. Insists that the mental cure system should be changed into one that works for the patients’ reintegration in
  6. Remarked that Mount Carmel Hospital should operate like the hospital for mental treatment planned in Tal Qroqq.
  7. Mentioned a hostilic strategy which supports continuous training.