Mother of son suffering from autism shamed at Mater Dei

A mother and her 5-year-old son who suffers from autism were ordered to leave the waiting area whilst attending an outpatients’ appointment at Mater Dei Hospital on Friday. was informed that the little boy was quite agitated when his mother brought him in and the receptionist ordered both of them outside. The mother was later seen outside crying whilst feeding her son.

This incident triggered a number of reactions over social media particularly from parents whose children suffer from autism. Many emphasized with the mother and have remarked on her daily struggles especially when encountering people who do not understand her son’s condition and its implications. Others lambasted the person at reception. There were also some that asked why the child’s outpatients at Mater Dei does not cater for children suffering from autism whilst the Malta International Airport does. Most are asking for an investigation as these incidents should not be happening anywhere especially in hospitals.