Most Gozitans approve of Malta-Gozo tunnel – GUG

Eighty two percent of the Gozitan population agrees with the creation of the Malta-Gozo tunnel, the student group Gozo University Group, have said.

GUG said following the consultation meeting it was present at, that the tunnel would very beneficial to the Gozitan economy as well as for those commuting to Malta to work and study.

The proposed entry points for the tunnel will be around Saint Paul’s Bay bypass in Malta and close to Kenuna tower in Nadur, on the Gozo side.

At this stage, there are still discussions and simulations to be created showing the management of waste from the digging, geology of the area and the impact of greater traffic will affect the entry/exit points.

‘This is the first step in making Gozo more accessible and Malta less of a pain to get to.’, GUG concludes.