Mosaic will be unveiled for Santa Marija Vigil

Gozo Bishop Mario Grech will bless the image of the Madonna Ta’ Pinu on the eve of the Feast of Santa Marija, that takes place annually on the 14th of August in front of the Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary in Gozo. The vigil will start at 8pm.

The mosaic took Dun Roberto Gauci over 600 hours of work at Eikon, the Centre for Liturgical Art.

In September the image with will be taken to the Sanctuary of the Annunciation in Nazareth as part of the Holy Land pilgrimage lead by Bishop Grech.

A donation will also be presented to the Franciscan monks that are the Sanctuary’s custodians. Monetary donations may be forwarded to the Rector or any other monk from the Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary. The collections from the vigil will also go towards this worthy cause.