More than 2 million passengers passed through airport in winter


More than 2 million passengers passed through Malta International Airport (MIA) between November of 2018 till March of 2019. This registered a 5.9% growth when compared to the same months the year before.

This increase in movement of passengers was observed in parallel with the 8.1% increase in airplane movement and an increase of 7.6% available spaces for flights. The seat load factor (SLF) for this season was registered at 76%.

Malta International Airport stated that a better schedule for winter flights was a factor in attaining these results. Alan Borg, CEO of MIA, said that gaining these results was a success for the target of Malta becoming a tourist destination even in the winter season. Borg also thanked all the team of MIA.

Which countries were the most popular?

The statement describes how the top five markets for the airport, excluding Germany (-2.9%), registered growth. In the meantime, the United Kingdom and Italy both saw a small increase of 0.3% and 3.3% respectively. However, countries such as France and Spain contributed to a large percentage of the growth, both registering a growth of 14.7% and 63.1% respectively. More destinations which showed a large number of flights were Slovakia, Portugal, and Estonia. These results can be attributed to the fact that direct flights to Bratislava, Porto and Lisbon, and Tallinn were used for the first time last winter.

March registered an increase in passenger movement of 1.3%. This low increase is principally due to the fact that there was an advantage last year as the Easter holidays were experienced in March.

The airport is awaiting more productive workdays ahead, since the summer schedule is in the near future.