More than 19,000 new Covid-19 cases recorded in Italy / Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino

19,143 new coronavirus cases were recorded in Italy during the last 24 hours, a jump of more than 3,000 when compared to the previous day.

The region of Lombardy remains the worst hit region with almost 5,000 new cases while 2,280 were recorded in Campania.

An 11pm-5am curfew began in Lombardy on Thursday night in a bid to contain infections and curb hospital admissions. Lazio and Campania have taken similar measures and will come into force on Friday night.

The president of the southern region, Vincenzo De Luca has called for another national lockdown while he showed viewers the scan of the lungs of a 37-year-old. Campania’s president remarked that without intensive care, he would die.

In the last twelve days, admissions to intensive care units have more than doubled.

De Luca stressed that the country is “one step away from tragedy” as he argued for more drastic measures.

The Italian government is considering new restrictive measures however the Italian Premier has ruled out a generalised lockdown.

There were 91 new fatalities on Friday, bringing the total death toll to over 37,000.